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Everything You Need to Know About Moissanite Engagement Rings

Everything You Need to Know About Moissanite Engagement Rings
When deciding on an engagement ring to symbolize your really like story and dedication, style and sustainability shouldn’t be mutually special, specifically not at the expense of the earth and humanity. Weaving alongside one another timeless aesthetic and contemporary technological innovation, Kristin Coffin Jewellery is our newest sparkly favored when it comes to sustainable marriage ring heirlooms.

By working with recycled cherished metallic and conflict-free of charge (or lab-developed) gemstones, this a person-of-a-sort classically educated metalsmith artist is set out to redefine brilliance with an eco-welcoming twist for the following generations of partners wanting for one thing unique and distinctive.

So in partnership with Kristin Coffin, we are sharing all about what just is moissanite and why it is the perfect cherished stone to bedazzle your ring finger for eons to arrive. Get prepared to be convinced of this choice and to pin all of these beautiful rings to your inspiration boards!

Eco friendly engagement ring diamond alternatives with moissanite gemstones

What is Moissanite?

In the most very simple of definitions, moissanite is a purely natural, lab-developed stone substitute to a diamond. Moissanite and diamonds seem identical and rank equally in durability, but their carbon footprint and value are the most significant discrepancies. With no the environmental or humanitarian prices of mining, moissanite normally takes the stage as a strong ethical sparkle. It is grown in specialist labs with earth-like warmth and tension and takes up to 3 months to variety a single gemstone. Over and above the science, moissanite shines as the clear winner for couples wanting for the most socially- and eco-responsible engagement ring choice.

These stones also arrive in a rainbow of colours, so what ever your preference is, you have options this sort of as gray, white/clear, pink, teal, and a lot more. (Or it’s possible one particular of every single if that’s your extravagant?!)

Sustainable and ethically sourced white moissanite engagement ring by Kristin Coffin Jewelry

What are the differences between moissanite and diamonds?

However carbon footprint and cost are the most welcomed differences, there are a number of other minor dissimilarities involving moissanite and diamond to know when deciding on your engagement rings.

As you could possibly have acquired in geology course, the diamond is the most difficult recognized mineral in the entire world and is a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (aka great luck making an attempt to split that!). Moissanite arrives in at a 9.25-9.5 on that same scale building it the second toughest mineral out there. So scratching the floor of your ring would be a tricky feat to attain. It is 100% best for wearing daily!

White teardrop moissanite wedding engagement ring with gold band and embedded stones

How a great deal does moissanite cost?

Simply because of the sustainability of moissanite, these gemstones are appreciably fewer high-priced than diamonds. If you enjoy a larger stone dimensions or far more intricate ring design, you can surely get additional for your money with moissanite. Same search, unique rate! Rather of the diamond’s high-priced sourcing tariffs getting about a excellent chunk of the total ring’s benefit, you will be paying out for the exceptional craftsmanship and the ethically-designed gem with moissanite engagement rings. You can discover substantial top quality rings priced at every single price range, so moissanite truly is a stone obtainable to every pair.

Beautiful timeless teal aqua blue colored moissanite wedding engagement rings by Kristin Coffin

Why is moissanite excellent for engagement rings?

Basically talking, for the reason that of its durability, you can don moissanite all working day, each individual working day! And for the eco-minded particular person who is informed of the jewelry industry’s dim history of air pollution and exploitation, there seriously is no problem as to why they want moissanite to celebrate their lifetime-extended dedication to their companion.

That is why we really like Kristin Coffin’s moissanite engagement rings. Not only are the gems ethically-sourced, she has created her assortment and small business all around making use of recycled valuable metals and by generating significant heirlooms that resonate with the values of this contemporary generation.

Gray moissanite gold engagement ring with white moissanite stones framing the solitaire stone

The place is moissanite sourced?

Moissanite stones are sourced from certifiable expert labs all around the environment, so the range of locations is large! But for Kristin Coffin specifically, moissanites are sourced from United states-centered Charles & Colvard, or her individual line of Legendary Moissanite, the place she has her very own group of moissanite gem cutters in
Europe. Kristin and her staff of remarkably proficient goldsmiths produce these moissanite ring beauties in recycled golds and platinum right here in the United States, striving to preserve the carbon footprint of every ring as light-weight as probable. When we say anything eco has been thought of with our friends’ heirloom, it actually has, so you can truly feel 100% good about your engagement ring.

Ethically sourced blue green aqua moissanite wedding engagement ring in chartreuse velvet ring box

How to Shop and Clean up Moissanite Engagement Rings

Like any treasured jewelry, you are going to want to make guaranteed to glance after your moissanite engagement ring for its lifetime on your hand. Kristin Coffin endorses, “Get rid of your ring all through things to do like weightlifting, gardening, biking, showering, swimming, house chores, or whilst functioning with your fingers. Stay clear of sporting your rings even though managing home methods like hairspray, perfumes, make-up, household cleaners, or although utilizing abrasives.”

Past a experienced cleaning once a 12 months, you can also thoroughly clean your engagement ring by soaking it in warm drinking water with a number of drops of oil-absolutely free dish soap. Gently scrub with a delicate-bristled toothbrush and enable to air dry.

To retail store although not wearing (or even to propose with!), we propose holding your wonderful heirloom in a wedding day ring box tucked absent from dust or curious paws and claws.

Starburst shaped white moissanite engagement ring with gold band by Kristin Coffin
Gorgeously gray moissanite wedding engagement rings in classic style
Flower shaped blue aqua green moissanite wedding engagement ring for classic bride by Kristin Coffin

Pictures: Sophie Kay Images | Engagement Rings: Kristin Coffin Jewellery

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