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Here’s EXACTLY What He Wants

Here’s EXACTLY What He Wants

Want to give the best gift for groom from bride? Doing a morning wedding gifts for the groom/bride present exchange and can’t figure out what to get as a gift for the groom? You’ll find it right here! But first, subscribe for helpful tips like this to your inbox!

What is the best gift for the groom from the bride?

If you need some groom gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! We’re rounding up unusual groom gifts whether you want sentimental gifts for groom from bride, something funny and heartfelt, or even a timeless wedding gift for your husband.

We found affordable as well as luxury gift for groom from bride, in case you want to spoil him a little. After all, it is your wedding day! 🙂

But first, what makes a good groom gift from the bride? Is it tradition to give the groom a gift? Let’s discuss it.

Best Groom Gift

You can give a good gift for the groom, but why not give the best groom gift you can? There is only one big difference: the thought!

As a rule of thumb, a gift given to the groom from the bride on the morning of the wedding is exponentially better when tailored to his unique style. In other words, give the man what he wants! If he is into fishing, make it fishing related. Does he like to read? Give an engraved bookmark. Would he like to wear a wristwatch, a pair of cufflinks, or a tie clip? You get the idea.

Choose a gift the groom loves and then add a card to it. Every gift is better when there is an accompanying card or note. For the wedding, your card should be handwritten; place the card with the gift and make it something he will read before the ceremony.

You can write your sentiments inside a card like this by LolaLouiePaperie:

gift for groom

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Or write longer words inside a booklet, like this one from TheCozyComfyHome.

Women's Dresses

best groom gifts

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Is it tradition to give the groom a gift?

If you’re new to this idea, you may be wondering: is it tradition to give the groom a gift?

Yes! Although it’s more of a modern-day trend, it is definitely a tradition for the bride to give the groom a gift on the morning of the wedding. The same applies to gifts for the bride from the groom.

• Is a gift exchange mandatory? No.

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• Is it a tradition to give the groom a gift? Yes.

• Is it fun? Absolutely!

• Does the gift have to be cheesy and boring? Of course not!

This card proves it (by the lovely OnceAGinn). Remember, it’s just a small token of your affection and should be a fun, easy-going experience. Giving a gift to your future partner is a fun way to show how excited you are to marry them.

best groom gifts from bride

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What gift do you give the groom?

This blog post was inspired by a question from bride-to-be, Stephanie. She is looking to give a wedding gift to the groom as the gift exchange on the morning of the wedding. But she’s stumped on what to give him. What gift do you give the groom from the bride? She writes,

“Hi Emmaline, I’m planning my wedding and my maid of honor asked what I’m going to give the groom on the morning of the wedding. I didn’t even know there was a bride and groom gift exchange. What should I give the groom as a gift? What makes the best groom gift? Thanks for your help.”

Hey, Stephanie! Great question. Yes, this gift exchange between the bride and groom on the morning of the wedding is a relatively new trend within the past few years. Before then, people either did it and never really said anything about it, or it wasn’t popular enough to make the rounds on social media just yet. 😉

morning wedding gifts for the groom

by simplyinvitingllc

Following this modern bride and groom gift exchange tradition is totally up to you. You don’t have to do it, but if you want to surprise the groom with a gift, we say go for it! He’ll appreciate the thought.

To answer your question, the best groom gift is one he can use and enjoy. We’re rounding up the top gifts for the groom on the morning of the wedding on this list with anything you can imagine from fishing lures to engraved belts, wristwatches to compasses with special engraving. We found wallets, passport covers, bookmarks, and more. You name it, it’s here — and there’s definitely something for every groom on this gift guide.

We even found a charming groom gift bag to put it in! We’ve got you covered!

Read on to find out which gifts are popular for the morning of the wedding gift exchange from the bride to her groom and tell us: which present is your favorite?

Morning Wedding Gifts for Groom from Bride

1. Collar Stays

Collar stays aren’t just a fun gift to give… they’re incredibly functional. They will keep his collar on point, literally. By Tesoro Jewelry.

gift for groom from bride

gift for groom via here

For another style option, check out these stamped “I Love You” collar stays which also include his name and the wedding date. By MadiesCharms.

gift for groom from bride morning of the wedding

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2. Groom Gift Box from Bride

Many brides are turning to the giant gift box to fulfill their groom gift giving needs, and we can’t blame them! These giant gift boxes — like the groom gift box from Gest Gear — is jam-packed with everything you would need to give the groom ont he wedding day. It’s part survival kit, part gift from the bride. We love it! You’ll find a pair of socks, a card, tissues, mints, “something sweet before we meet”, and more! Get it here.

what to give the groom as a gift from the bride

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3. Engraved Leather Wallet with Your Personalized Message

Is his leather wallet about to give out? Whether it’s packed to the brim and falling apart or he likes to keep his wallet looking its best, every groom can use a sentimental message on the inside. This leather wallet is handmade and features an engraved message from you on the interior. He’ll cherish it as a gift from his bride and use it for years to come (or until you get him a new wallet for your leather anniversary!) By April and Kiwi.

groom gift morning of the wedding

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4. Personalized Duffle Bag for Him

The groom can take this bag on the honeymoon and all of your adventures together. It is rugged, durable, and personalized. To top it off, you can fill the inside with extra gifts if you’d like (but the bag itself is a great gift that requires nothing else!) You can get it at Heritage Wedding.

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5. Stamped Tie Clip

I know… a tie clip. Simple, right?

It’s simple but it is also one of the best gifts for the groom because it can be used on the wedding day and beyond. Sure, it features an adorable saying that will bring tears to his eyes (“meet me at the altar”), but it will also keep his tie straight. During windy ceremonies or blustery weather days, he’ll be grateful to have that tie clip to keep his necktie looking sharp… and your photographer will be happy, too, as the photos will come out even better. By RebelGiftCo.

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6. Whisky Glassware Set, Stones, and Gift Box

It’s time to toast… he will love a special new glassware set to do it with on the wedding day!

If the groom and groomsmen will be doing a wedding day toast, give this groom gift he’ll cherish for years to come. It includes a wooden gift box — personalized — along with a pair of whisky glasses and stones to keep his drink cold. One of the top gifts for the groom from the bride because it is one of those items he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself. By HomeWetBar. You can also pair this gift with a bottle of his favorite.

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7. Monogram Cufflinks

For classic style, give the groom a pair of personalized cufflinks in his monogram. These are sterling silver and go with everything. By PersonalCufflinks.

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8. Compass with Personalized Message Inside

The inside of this compass has a space for special engraving from the bride… in your own handwriting! By IlgarLeather.

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9. Vinyl Record with First Dance Lyrics

This is one of the unusual groom gifts that is trending! People love the vinyl record guest book and other retro decorations; this vinyl record first dance gift is perfect for the groom and features the lyrics of your first dance and a photo in the middle. By AMZprint.

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10. Photo Pendant Pin

File this one under the best sentimental gifts for groom from bride. It features photos of lost loved ones that he may be missing on this wedding day. He can pin it to the inside of his suit jacket to be there with him as he takes his place down the aisle. By PendantPlaceStore.

best groom gifts from bride

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11. Photo Reel in a Box

Give your groom a gift he’ll always cherish: photos of you two in a box that pulls out into a fun reel. By LovinBox.

groom gift ideas

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12. Secret Message Belt for the Groom

When he goes to get dressed before the wedding, he’ll find a secret engraved message on the interior of his leather belt. What a sweet and unique idea! By Holtz Leather.

gift for the groom from the bride

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13. To My Husband Journal

Write your heartfelt thoughts and messages for your groom to read now and forever. By BP Laser Engraving.

groom gift morning of wedding journal

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14. Engraved Wallet Token for Him

This metal token is engraved and goes inside his wallet as a token of your affection. It makes a cute gift for the groom on the morning of the wedding and is handmade by C and T Custom Lures.

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15. Stamped “I Love You More” Keychain

Love you more, the end, I win! Ha! Give him this keychain to always remember how much you love him. It includes your wedding date for a little extra personalization. By CandTCustomLures.

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16. “Reasons I Can’t Wait to Marry You” box with rolled letters

Outline all the reasons why you can’t wait to marry the groom on this sweet gift box with rolled letters inside. He’ll love the sentiment! By LimeAndAlien.

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17. Engraved Groom Flask

This stainless steel flask makes a great present for the groom from his bride, with the words engraved, ” [NAME], Have a drink. Calm your nerves. And meet me at the altar.” So sweet! By KeepsakeDesignsByKim.

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18. I Do Cufflinks

Give the groom a pair of stamped metal cufflinks that say “I Do” on one side and your wedding date on the other. This is a pair he’ll love to wear on the big day and for anniversary dinners to come. By TesoroJewelry.

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19. Groom Boxers

Here’s a fun gift idea: a pair of boxers for the morning of the wedding! By BeforeTheRings.

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20. Handwriting Cufflinks

This is one of the best groom gifts this year: a pair of cufflinks with YOUR handwriting on them! Cool idea made possible by OneMemoryLaneLLC.

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21. Cold Feet Socks

The groom won’t get cold feet with these socks on! This is one of the most popular groom gifts from the bride and can be ordered at GroomSocks.

gift for groom via here

22. Engraved Watch

This watch makes a sentimental morning of the wedding gift for the groom. It features engraving on the back that reads, “Meet me at the altar” with his name. By TrendyNomads.

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23. Leather Passport Holder

If you and your groom love to travel, he’ll be excited to receive this custom leather passport holder. The inside can even be customized with his monogram for a personalized touch. The inside has a special message that reads, “To a lifetime of adventures together“. By Bramble and Beene.

groom gift leather passport cover

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24. Pocket Knife

Guys + pocket knives. I swear, they can never have too many. However, with the customized twist of this one, you can be sure it’s the last one he’ll ever need! By Carved.

morning of the wedding gift for groom pocket knife

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25. Groom Tie Photo Patch

This tie patch makes a great groom gift from bride. All you need to do is sneakily sew it to the back of his necktie or the inside of his suit jacket before the wedding day. By AnnieRenTrends.

via here

26. Leather Wallet with Money Clip

A handsome and rugged leather wallet is always a good gift for the groom, especially when it has an engraved money clip like this one. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love this gift from NorthStarEngraving.

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27. Wooden Mug

This is one of the most unusual groom gifts and yet, one of the most memorable! He’ll sip from this wooden mug, personalized with his name and to be treasured for years to come. By EverestStore.

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28. Viking Sword

The wooden mug goes great with this viking sword. Yes, a biking sword. These are wildly popular and make some of the most unique groom gifts ever, don’t you think? By ThreeWeeVikings.

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29. Wooden Tray

This is one of those sentimental gifts the bride can give her groom and he can read it for years to come. It’s also functional, as it is a wooden tray to hold his keys, wallet, phone, etc. near the doorway or foyer. By TheUnleashedPen.

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30. Personalized Groom’s Handkerchief

For his tears of joy! This handkerchief isn’t just any hankie; it is printed with a custom message from the bride. By PeoniesAndBells.

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31. Can’t Wait for our Next Chapter Bookmark

If the groom loves to read, give him this “Next Chapter” bookmark. By Jewel Mango.

via here

Wedding Morning Gifts for the Groom

Now that you know what to give as a gift for the groom, how are you supposed to get it to him the morning of the wedding — without him seeing you before the ceremony?

When to Give the Groom His Gift

The gift exchange from the bride to the groom usually takes place in the morning while everyone is getting ready. The bride and bridesmaids are in the bridal suite getting hair and makeup done, while groomsmen are getting ready or hanging out in a hotel room or at someone’s home before it’s time to get dressed. This is the best time to have the Best Man, Maid of Honor, or flower girl / ring bearer deliver the gift to the groom from the bride.

Groom Gift Bag

You can place the gift inside a regular gift bag or up the style a bit and use this custom groom gift bag from DetailsMatterStudio.

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What’s your top pick as a gift for the groom from the bride? Are you choosing any of these to give to your new husband on your wedding day? Or are you skipping this gift exchange tradition altogether? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy Planning!