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How to Make Wedding Invitations with QR Code

How to Make Wedding Invitations with QR Code
How to Make Wedding Invitations with QR Code

Want to make wedding invitations with QR code rsvps, but you’re not sure how it’s done? It’s easy! Follow along and we’ll show you exactly how to do it. Subscribe now for the latest to your inbox!

If you’re looking to get QR code wedding invitations, rsvp cards, or make a QR code invitation card enclosure, we have everything you need to make it happen. Spoiler alert: it’s way easier than you imagined!

In this blog post, we’ll tell you what a QR code wedding invitation is, why you might want invitations with QR code enclosures, where to get a free qr code generator for wedding invitations, and how to make QR code rsvps for your guests.

wedding invitations with qr code

by memorablemodern

It’s easy, promise!

Wedding Invitations with QR Code

First, let’s talk about what a QR code is. A QR code — you’ve probably seen one in recent days, weeks, or months — is a digital scannable image that is black and white and wholly unique. If you open your Smartphone’s camera on a QR code, it will allow you to go to a special link on a webpage, designated for that unique QR code image.

Each QR code is one-of-a-kind.

You can make your own QR code to put on wedding invitations for various reasons. Here’s why you might want one.

Why use a QR code invitation card?

The reason why couples add a qr code to wedding invitations is functionality: a QR code allows wedding guests to visit your wedding website for more details about the celebration.

If you add a QR code to your wedding invitation card, guests can scan it for more information. This can reduce paper by using a QR code rsvp card and eliminating the need for an RSVP card and return postage.

In addition, couples love wedding invites with QR codes as a way to have more space to share important details: lodging accommodations for destination weddings, info for additional events throughout the wedding weekend, the dress code, the menu, and more.

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QR wedding invitation

One of the best places to get a QR wedding invitation card is Zazzle. They offer customization every step of the way, so it’s easy to upload your QR code onto wedding invitations to send to your guests.

You can even take an existing design like this and edit it to your liking, whether you want to create wedding invitations with QR code embedded or a QR code rsvp card to your guests. Click here for amazing examples.

Wedding Invitations with QR Code


Here’s how to make your invites with a digital edge!

Step 1: Free QR Code Generator for Wedding Invitations

First, you’ll need to create your unique QR code. Don’t worry, it’s free and simple. Click here to get a FREE code. This is my favorite free QR code generator for wedding invitations because it’s super easy to use.

Visit this link, input your wedding website URL/link, and create the QR code for free.

Then, download the image to your device.

This is important: save it somewhere you’ll be able to access easily because this is your unique QR code and you’ll need to upload it to create QR code rsvp cards.

Step 2: Upload the QR Code for Wedding Invitations/RSVP Cards

How do you use the QR code now that you have it? You can upload it here onto the design you love!

Most of the time, the QR code won’t go directly onto the wedding invitation, as it will be in addition to the details you provide on the card (who is getting married, when, where, etc. as outlined here).

Some couples are going ultra-minimalist and using the QR code as the entirety of the invite details. Here’s an example by Guava which features your photo on one side of the card and the QR code on the reverse of the invitation.

wedding invitation with qr code

by guava

Prefer a different style? Try this one by Photografixgal.

where to get wedding invitations with qr code

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QR Code RSVP Cards

However, for guests who aren’t very tech-savvy might be confused by this option… or you may want to go a more traditional route (but with a modern digital twist). In this case, you’ll be making traditional invites but turn it into wedding invitations with QR code as an added custom image or on an enclosure card.

In this way, your guests can scan the QR code to use for RSVPing (they can submit yes or no to the RSVP via your FREE wedding website here). If you prefer, you can add the QR code as an invitation overlay.

Wedding Invitations with QR Code RSVP Card Attached

Another option allows guests to see your QR code wedding invite in one overall look, thanks to a detachable QR code rsvp card that is included with a perforation at the bottom. This design is by Fotografixgal and you can get it here in your choice of color.

qr code wedding invitation card

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QR Code Invitation Overlay

If you prefer a traditional invitation card with an overlay, that’s an elegant option, as well. Here’s an example below which you can easily edit here.

qr code wedding invitation

by memorablemodern

Or upload it to create link to your wedding website, like this one from here:

qr code wedding invitations

by guava

If you’d like an example of a QR code rsvp card, check out this one you can easily make with a template here. Upload your QR code to your rsvp card and voila! Get yours here.

qr code rsvp card

by sincerelybynicole

For another style, here’s a “scan me to RSVP” card with QR code from MemorableModern.

qr code wedding invitation

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You can also create alternate QR codes for individual purposes. You may want one for:

– a direct link to your wedding menu on wedding signs) (see: QR code wedding menus)

– a QR code for wedding pictures for guests to share

– for your dress code info or wedding day details

by iyhtvdesigns

– to submit a song request to your DJ

I edited this template to make an example song request card you could place at the DJ station or print out cards for your place settings.

buy here

– as a scannable video you create for your guests to thank them for being at the wedding

– … more!

These codes are really quite brilliant, IMO. 🙂

What do you think of this idea? Like ’em or not your thing? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!