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Ideas For Bridesmaid’s Gifts

Ideas For Bridesmaid’s Gifts

There are plenty of things to take care of when you are planning a wedding, so the last thing you want is to have to run all over the place looking for ideas for bridesmaid’s gifts. If you can come up with a great idea right off the bat, it will save you the time and stress of making a long decision. It also allows you to be sure you have chosen just the right gift that expresses how much these ladies mean to you. If you are stuck for what to do when it comes to bridesmaid’s gifts, there are a few simple solutions that usually work well for wedding parties of all shapes and sizes. Consider giving the girls photographs that they can accent with picture frame lighting or art light. They can use a wedding photo or a photo of the two of you together from a different occasion. You can even add engraving if you want to make things really special.

Another option for a great gift is travel paraphernalia. This works especially well for destination weddings or for the girls who have to travel some distance to attend the wedding. You can give them a small piece of luggage, an overnight bag, or a cosmetics bag. Some stores even personalize the bags with stitching or patches. You could personalize with a world like “thanks” or just have their names or initials added to the piece. Consider choosing bags in a variety of colors to suit the personalities of each girl.

Wedding-related items are another great solution when it comes to bridesmaid’s gifts because it saves the girls money. They will already be investing in dresses and shoes for the occasion, not to mention the travel or overnight costs. If you can offer a gift that will cut down on their investment, it will be greatly appreciated. You can offer to pay for them to have their hair done, buy their jewelry, or choose to pay for another accessory like a handbag. This helps you get the look you are trying to achieve without requiring the girls to buy a lot of things they may feel are unnecessary.

Instead of just paying for a hair style, you could treat the ladies to a spa experience. If you are having a pedicure and manicure for your big day, consider splurging for the other ladies to do the same. This gives you all a chance to hang out on the day of the wedding and will leave you all looking and feeling great for the experience.

Finally, you could organize an outing that is not wedding related. Time together may be a precious commodity once real life begins again, so while everyone is in town for the wedding, plan to attend a cooking class or dance class together. This is a great way to get everyone together and loosened up so things are relaxed and fun at the wedding reception. Plus, you may learn a new skill that will come in handy later on.