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Latest Trends of Gold Rings for Men in 2011

Latest Trends of Gold Rings for Men in 2011

A gold ring is something that has been a popular form of men’s jewelry right through history. In addition to various kings and rulers owning signet rings, strong military leaders and men like Caesar used to wear gold rings. Moreover, the King of Wessex, Ethelwoulf possessed a gold ring with his name carved on it. There is endless variety of designs for men’s rings on hand for you in the market, some good ones being a design featured with carved Celtic rope patterns reflecting an Irish tradition or leaf ornamentation.

Unlike earlier days when a gentleman could find a ring for himself only in two shades of gold, yellow and white today you can find a wide variety with respect to shade, size and designs for men’s rings. Besides, you can also get something that expresses your distinctive character in addition to being trendy and fashionable. Some of the latest and most loved trends for men’s rings include a design with more than one texture.

Moreover you can also choose something featuring a brushed and polished finish with a two toned look of silver and gold. Some other styles might include a grooved, faceted or inset design featured with black carbon fiber. For those who don’t have a taste for gold unlike purists can always go for something like black titanium and black tungsten rings. But the metal of choice for men’s rings is undoubtedly gold of both yellow and white.

However the popularity of white gold has increased substantially during the last decade. This popularity is accredited to high density of white gold. A white gold ring is generally polished with rhodium that maintains an attractive white color if replaced annually. Gold rings for men have always signified commitment, authority and membership. These have been in style always and will continue to be same.

Although the trend of simple gold bands has passed out years back yet it seems to have made a comeback as a fashionable trend. Besides, it is easily available. However, the foremost thing to be kept in mind while designing a ring for men is the comfort levels as it something that is supposed to be worn regularly for a long time. These days most of the men’s rings are designed under high quality gold that is also reliably durable.

On the contrary, the ergonomics concept is also given consideration while designing men’s rings. The latest trend is a design with beveled edges and u shaped interiors just to increase the comfort echelon of the ring. In addition to this, rings incorporated with stones have also formed a popular trend among men. Gold rings that are completely rounded are not liked by men these days. Rather rings featuring not as much of a rounded shape with about one third portion of the ring being flat to make sure that the ring does not twirl around the finger.

The men’s rings are quite distinctive from those of women. Contrasting from older trends of men wearing simple plain gold rings, today there is a wide variety of men’s gold rings that reflecting different heritages thereby being unique in themselves.