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Say it With Flowers

Say it With Flowers

Did you know that flowers have a secret language all their own? Each flower has a symbolic meaning, based on the type of flower, as well as the color. The Victorians, romantics that they were, developed a highly refined language as a way to send secret messages between men and women. Add a special layer of meaning to your wedding by selecting flowers with a message.

The symbolism of flowers actually dates back to Medieval times, when flowers were often seen in religious paintings. Blooms like white lilies and white roses stood for purity. White is still considered to represent innocence or purity in our culture today; think of how most Christian religious ceremonies center around a person clothed in white (Baptism, first Communion, and of course, weddings). It is no wonder that white flowers are a traditional favorite with brides.

Roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers, and each color has its own special meaning. Red roses stand for passion, and impart a rich and dramatic flair to wedding décor. Yellow roses, which symbolize friendship, are cheerful, but less often seen at weddings. Pink roses, another flower beloved by brides, mean joy of life, which is a wonderful sentiment for a wedding. Color combinations can send different messages than single hues; red and white roses symbolize unity, and joy is the meaning of the red and yellow roses.

Other traditional wedding flowers include lily of the valley, which mean sweetness, calla lilies for beauty, and red tulips for declaration of love. The sophisticated orchid represents love and refinement. Herbs and greens also have significance, and can be used in conjunction with your flowers to round out the message of your bouquet. Rosemary, for instance, stands for remembrance, and is often included in Scandinavian wedding arrangements. Ivy is a beautiful accent cascading from a bouquet or vase, and it symbolizes fidelity, making it very appropriate for a wedding. Hoping for wealth and prosperity in your marriage? Include stalks of wheat, which represent that happy situation.

The color scheme that you select for your flowers can be carried into the rest of the wedding. The pure and elegant look of an all-white wedding would be further enhanced by dressing your attendants in the palest pastels accented with tasteful pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets. If you love the passionate message of red roses, give your attendants bridesmaid jewelry sets created with brilliant red Swarovski crystals. Keeping a consistent color palette throughout the event will give your wedding a very harmonious feeling.

Just as many flowers have very auspicious meanings, there are some that symbolize less festive things. You might want to avoid yellow tulips, which stand for hopeless love. Even worse is the marigold, whose meaning is pain and grief. Yikes! You could also decide to be clever and use your flowers to send a secret message like the Victorians did. Did you know that lime blossoms represent fornication? If your future spouse knows it too, you might make him blush when he sees your bouquet!

Still undecided about which flowers to use? If you hope to have a large family one day, then choose orange blossoms, which have long been a wedding favorite because of their association with fertility. Or send a message to your sweetie that, “I am dazzled by your charms” by carrying a bouquet of ranunculus. The secret language of flowers is a charming old custom that would be wonderful to include in your wedding.