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Seasonal Summer UK Wedding Flower Ideas

Seasonal Summer UK Wedding Flower Ideas

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When it comes to wedding planning, choosing wedding flowers has to be one of the loveliest to-dos.

But I know what you are thinking, when it comes to summer wedding flowers, there is a lot of choice.

Summer Wedding Flowers Ideas Rich Howman Photography

Photo: Rich Howman via Meadowscape Wedding Flowers: Emma Norton Flowers


Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration

So just how do you choose your flowers if you are marrying in the summer months of June, July or August in the UK? Allow me to share some of the seasonal flowers, from early summer, right through to the late summertime to help nail your florals.

It’s important to keep in mind, that flower blooming time changes. Each year the availability and timing of flowers alter thanks to the weather primarily. So do keep in mind that you may need to be flexible and liaise with your florist to ensure your dream blooms.

Another tip is to remember that some flowers have a huge range of species that vary wildly in colour, shape and size. For example, roses have a vast array of styles to allow you to really personalise and match your floral scheme.


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Peonies are available in whites, pale pinks, bright magenta and coral tones. They array from fluffy heads to closed blooms and wide-open flowers.

Photos: Kelly Hiscox Photography via Peony Pink Wedding Flowers: With Love & Roses  Helen Russell Photography via Summer Glamping Wedding Flowers: Wild Floral Couture



Dahlias are my all-time favourite flower, I love growing them and I had them in my own wedding bouquet. These divine blooms are available in so many different colours, sizes and shapes, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one you love.

Photos: Jen Marino via English Countryside Wedding Flowers: Floral Circus Emma Lawson Photography via Bandstand Wedding Flowers: Fauna Folk


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To make a real statement and for something really rather unique, why not consider the iris? The vibrant purple and yellow beauty will make for a real bouquet-stopper.

Photos: Captured by Katrina via Ultra Violet Wedding Ideas Flowers: The Flower Girls



I love planting cosmos every year, they are so easy to grow and flower for ages. They make for the perfect delicate flower choice for summer weddings.

Photos: PhotoBart via Oxfordshire Pub Wedding Flowers: Skylark Flower Co Golden Vibes Photo via Magical Fairytale Wedding Ideas Flowers:The Velvet Poppy


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Tall and striking in blue, delphiniums can really make a wow moment in your summer flower wedding display.

Photos: Rachael Connerton Photography via Floral Wedding Flowers: Sophie’s Flower Company Indigo and Violet Photography via Autumn Festival Wedding Flowers: The Flower Fairy


Sweet Peas

Sweet peas smell incredible, however, they can quickly wilt so can be tricky to work with. They can though be available in a large number of colours; purple, pink, white, red and blue.

Photos: Mark Ewels Photography via Outdoor DIY Farm Wedding Flowers: DIY SLR Photography via Cornish Pastel Beach Wedding Flowers: Flowers by Clowance


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Nigella is a great option if you are looking for a blue wedding flower. They add great texture and shape to bouquets and flowers too.

Photo: Jo Bradbury via Eclectic Tipi Wedding Flowers: Greenwheat Flowers Marni V Photography via Lineham Farm Wedding Flowers: The Rarified



For outstanding scent and calming properties (great for pre-wedding nerves!) as well as its long-lasting quality. Lavender is a great choice for bouquets and place settings alike.

Photos: Carla Blain Photography via Lavender Spring Country Wedding Flowers: Walnut & Willow Victoria Phipps Photography via Wonderland DIY Wedding Flowers: Wild Floral Design


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Roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers for a reason. Available in a huge variety of tones and shapes, as well as beautiful scents. They are readily available thoughout the UK summer.

Photo: Kate Gray Photography via Hollywood Glamour Wedding Flowers: Kaye Stallwood Sarita White Photography via Field Wedding UK Flowers: J Austin Designs



Daisies really are the sweetest of flowers. Days of daisy chain making on the lawn to right there in your wedding bouquet evokes a sense of childhood days.

Photo: Peppermint Love Photography via Village Fete Feel Wedding Flowers: DIY Eleanor Jane Photography via Floral Museum Wedding Flowers: Blush Floral Art


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Add the vivid blue of seasonal cornflowers to really add a colour pop to your arrangements.

Photo: Angela Ward Brown Photography via Farm Barn Home Made Wedding Flowers: Green Parlour Charlotte Razzell Photography via Bright Summer Pub Wedding Flowers: Chobham Flowers



Foxgloves have a fairy-like ethereal feel thanks to legend. But they bring a wonderful height and shape to wedding flowers.

Photo: Olivia and Dan Photography via Outdoor Wedding UK Flowers: Green and Gorgeous Melissa Beattie Photography via Garden Ceremony Wedding Flowers: Wedding & Events Floral Design


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The poppy is perfect for summer wedding flowers, these papery blooms create subtle drama in arrangements. Plus there are more colours available than the red you may presume.

Photos: Sophie Lake Photography via Playful Cool Wedding Ideas Flowers:Jasper & Quinn Holly Collings Photography via Canonteign Falls Wedding Flowers: In Bloom Devon



Another stem perfect for adding height is the stock. Beautifully traditional and seasonal, they will bring a real sense of summer to your flowers.

Photos: HBA Photography via Lace Farm Wedding Flowers: Zinc Floral Design Jo Bradbury via Eclectic Tipi Wedding Flowers: Greenwheat Flowers


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A classic summer flower choice is the hydrangea. These large flowers make a real impact and you only need a few to make them work well. From greens and whites to pinks and blues, there is quite an array of colour options.

Photos: Caterina Neri Fotografie via Tuscany Villa Wedding Flowers: Fiori Fiori Photos By Si via Wilderness Woods Wedding Flowers: Go Botanica



Great for adding drama and cottage garden vibes, the lupin is a really striking flower to choose for weddings.

Summer Wedding Flowers Ideas Lupin Carly Bevan Photography

Photo: Carly Bevan via Candy Coloured Country Marquee Wedding Flowers: Flower Style Florist


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The carnation is great for that fluffy floral look on a budget, as these blooms are usually great value. Perfect for adding volume and colour.

Photos: Amanda Sutton Photography via Wedding in North Carolina Flowers: DIY Mr & Mrs Photography via Spring Family Wedding Flowers: Anne Russell Flowers



Chrysanthemums can also be a great budget-friendly option for summer wedding flowers. They are just quite simply a happy bloom, with a vast array of colours available.

Photos: Jen Marino via Barn Wedding Autumn Flowers: Saint Floral Laura Martha Photography via Retro Wedding Ideas Flowers: Iris & Co


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Gerberas evoke a 90s vibe thanks to their popularity in that era. But why not give them a comeback thanks to their daisy-like petals and fun colour options.

Photos: Laura Debourde Photography via Two Woods Estate Wedding Flowers: Nells Flowers Jasmine Skye Photography via Paper Mill Wedding Flowers: Pollen8


Summer Wedding Flowers by Month

Many of the below flowers are available late-Spring and into Autumn, so do take these lists with a pinch of salt.

The best thing to do is consult with your wedding florist or wedding flower supplier on your flower choice. But then also be flexible as to whether these florals will be available in your wedding month.

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🌸 June Wedding Flowers

June is an amazing month for wedding flowers, here are some of the blooms that you can expect to be available for your day:

  • Peonies
  • Sweet Peas
  • Nigella
  • Lavender
  • Roses
  • Foxgloves
  • Cornflower
  • Cow Parsley
  • Gypsophila
  • Lupin

🌼 July Wedding Flowers

For July weddings, there are so many gorgeous flowers in season such as:

  • Phlox
  • Delphinium
  • Scabious
  • Lisianthus
  • Rudbeckia
  • Freesia
  • Craspedia
  • Lily
  • Salvia
  • Zinnia

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💐 August Wedding Flowers

If your wedding date falls in the late summer, there are some late bloomers around:

  • Clematis
  • Sunflower
  • Anemone
  • Aster
  • Alstroemeria
  • Tithonia
  • Cosmos

Summer Flower Ideas Wedding Emma B Photography

Photo: Emma B Photography via Spring Cottage Rivington Wedding Flowers: The Flower Shop by Morgan


✨ Wedding Flowers FAQ

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How to budget for wedding flowers?

When it comes to budgeting for your wedding flowers it all comes down to how important flowers are to you. Draw up your top three wedding priorities and allocate your budget accordingly.

On average wedding flowers can cost from £400-£800+ but vary depending on quantity, flower choice, season and florist.

How far in advance do I need to plan wedding flowers?

There are no set rules as to when to plan your wedding flowers. But once your wedding date is chosen, and the venue(s)are booked, it’s then a good time to source your florist. Florists can book up fast so you don’t want to miss securing yours.

Once you have a florist, they will then be in touch to arrange a meeting for flower choice. If DIYing your flowers, try to work out 6 months in advance the flowers you’d like and need. Ready to then purchase them and budget for them with ample time.

Summer Wedding Flowers Bouquet Ideas Clematis Ellie Lou Photography

Photo: Ellie Lou Photography via Beach Picnic Wedding Flowers: Daisy Lane Floral Design


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Do wedding flowers have to match?

Wedding flowers do not need to match. You can have multicoloured bouquets, different stems for different arrangements and wildflower style looks.

How to keep wedding flowers forever?

It’s great to think in advance about how to keep your wedding flowers forever. There are many different ways to preserve wedding bouquets and flowers. You can dry, press, seal or frame flowers amongst many other alternative ideas.

Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration Three Flowers Photography

Photo: Three Flowers Photography via Essex Barn Wedding Flowers: @henriettahickling.florals


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What is the most popular flower used in weddings?

Arguably the most popular flower used in weddings has to be the rose. Other popular choices include hydrangeas, peonies and dahlias. Of late, greenery and dried flowers such as pampas grass have been incredibly popular at weddings.

How to choose wedding flowers?

First things first, get searching for inspiration and compile a mood board to take to your florist. Other factors to consider when choosing flowers include budget, colour scheme, scent, meaning and season.

Summer Wedding Flower Inspiration Poppy Carter Portraits

Photo: Poppy Carter Portraits via Stylish Floral Wedding Flowers: Fall Into Flowers


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Does a bride have to have a bouquet?

No, brides do not have to have a bouquet and grooms don’t need to have a buttonhole. If it’s not for you, don’t feel like you to have to have flowers at all.

There are many flower alternatives if you fancy; brooches, felt, paper, pom poms and artificial flowers to name a few.


So there you have it, some of the beautiful wedding flowers available in the summer season in the UK. You really are spoilt for choice and I am so excited for pretty floral displays.

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