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12 Best Wedding Thank You Cards with Photo

12 Best Wedding Thank You Cards with Photo
12 Best Wedding Thank You Cards with Photo

Should wedding thank you cards have a picture? We’ll tell you! Read on to find out about wedding thank you cards with photo insert and why you may want them. While you’re here, subscribe now for the latest to your inbox.

Should you send wedding thank you cards with photo inside, or can you skip it?

This is the latest question from bride-to-be, Sarah, who wants to know the answer. She recently tied the knot and she’s working on her thank you cards but she’s stuck on the design. She writes,

“Dear Emmaline Bride, should wedding thank you cards have a photo on the front? I want to include a picture but I’m not sure what a wedding thank you card should look like. Please help!”

Great question, Sarah! In regards to what a wedding thank you card should look like, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Sending thank you cards, in general, is all you need to do! But if you want to send wedding thank you cards with photo or photos from your celebration, we think it’s a lovely idea.

Think about it: a thank you card by itself is nice. But a thank you card with a wedding photo? That’s 100x better! Guests are excited to see your wedding day photos, so having one delivered to their door in the form of a thank you card is a pretty brilliant idea, if you ask me.

The best thing about a wedding thank you card with photo is the ability to finally use one of your favorite snapshots from your wedding day. You know you secretly want to keep posting images from your wedding on social media, and now you have another excuse to pick out yet another favorite photo to send your guests. 🙂

What kind of photo should you put on wedding thank you cards?

The most popular photos couples usually select for use on thank you cards include any of these must-have wedding photos:

The First Kiss

Cutting of the Cake

Portrait on a Landscape

Women's Dresses

The Sparkler Exit

Here’s an example of a thank you card with photo from a sparkler exit! Design by Stacey Meachem.

wedding thank you cards with photo

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Procession After the Ceremony


… etc. Choose a photo you love and go with it! You can’t go wrong. 🙂

So, now that you know it’s OK and encouraged to send thank you notes with photos, let’s find some for you! Here are a few of our favorite wedding thank you cards with photos so you can decide which layout is right for you. These are available at Minted and you can browse more from the collection here.

Wedding Thank You Cards with Photos

1. Curved Arch Photo Thank You Card

This design is by Amy Payne. It features a template with room for one of your favorite wedding photos on the front.

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2. Black and White Photo Card

Personalized on the front in gold foil for a shimmering twist! By Jackie Crawford.

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3. Botanical Fall Thank You Notes

By Katie Ahn.

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4. Landscape Photo

This one is so pretty! I love the scenery. Card by Katie Ahn.

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5. The Best Day Ever

By Design Lotus.

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6. Wedding Thank You Cards with Two Photos

Can’t pick just one? Choose a template with two photos on your thank you cards! Design by Cass Loh.

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7. Photo Card with Polaroid Style

Use this thank you card template to insert two of your favorite pictures into a polaroid-inspired design. By Robert and Stella.

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8. Personalized Thank You Cards

This beautiful design features room for three wedding photos on the front of your thank you cards. I love the large and bold personalization! By Caitlin Considine.

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You can edit the color of this card (and any of these) easily with the click of a button. Here’s an example of the same card in burgundy:

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9. Oval Photo Card

This folding thank you card features one picture in the center. By Alethea and Ruth.

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10. Formal Thank You Cards

By Jessica Williams.

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11. Foil-Pressed

Love this thank you card with elegant rose gold foil surrounding the photo. By Robin Ott.

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12. Wedding Thank You Cards with Photo in Postcard Form

Send postcard thank you cards with your photo on the front and save on postage! Plus, no outer envelope is required. Design by Petra Kern.

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If you like the idea of a postcard vs. folded card, browse more styles here.

Where to Buy Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Ready to get yours? Click on a favorite design above or click here to shop to see more styles!

On to you: what do you think of wedding thank you cards? Are you adding a photo to yours or opting for a simple design with just text? Tell us in the comment box below! I love thank you’s with photos as a guest (who doesn’t love seeing a picture of the couple?!) I only wish I knew of these when I got married so I could have sent them to guests. They’re so memorable!

Happy Planning!