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Top Natural Diamond Engagement Rings to Buy in 2022

Top Natural Diamond Engagement Rings to Buy in 2022

Engagement rings are beautiful and symbolize love and commitment. But natural diamond engagement rings are usually the ones that steal the show.

If you’re out to find your significant other a natural diamond engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration. Here, we have listed the top 50 natural diamond engagement rings you can buy in 2022.

Top 50 Natural Engagement Rings to Buy in 2022

Take a look at our top picks for the best natural diamond engagement rings of this year. Whether you prefer brilliant or asscher cut, platinum or yellow gold, we’ve got something for everyone.

1. Diamond Tiffany Ring

13066 0.44ct Diamond Tiffany Ring

Price: $3,500

The Diamond Tiffany Ring is perfect for those looking for a ring that’s elegant and classy but who don’t want to spend a fortune. The ring has a simple center stone that’s accentuated with brilliant-cut diamonds that weigh around 0.44 carats. The shoulders are jazzed with additional diamonds laid out in a micro-pave setting to give the ring a beautiful finish.

2. Carat Cartier France Ring

12848 1.01 Carat Cartier Natural Diamond France Engagement Ring

Price: $18,000

The Cartier France Ring features a brilliant-cut diamond center stone that exudes luxury and femininity. The shoulders are accentuated with pave-set diamonds making this already perfect ring a marvel. It’s from the Cartier collection, so this ring truly speaks for itself.

3. Stratford Ring

DYL37 Stratford Ring

Price: $9,000

Halo rings are gorgeous, but the Stratford Ring dazzles an extra sparkle of elegance you won’t find anywhere else. Its center stone is a 0.70-carat orange-yellow diamond. Surrounding the stone are prong-set pear-shaped diamonds that give it a rare botanical look.

4. Madrid Ring

14249 Madrid Natural Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring

Price: $5,700

This stunning platinum ring is inspired by the Art Deco Era and boasts a vintage European-cut diamond at its center. The main stone is surrounded by a cluster of old European diamonds. The shoulders are pave-set with beautiful diamond cuts that exude an extra sparkle. The skillful craftsmanship of this piece is truly invaluable.

5. The Denmark Ring

12396 Denmark Natural Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $9,500

Next on the list of natural diamond engagement rings is the Denmark Ring. It is perfect for those looking for a ring that is simple but who don’t want to sacrifice class and style. The ring’s center stone weighs 1.07 carats, but what garners more attention are the French-cut blue sapphires that surround it.

6. Brookside Ring

12832 Brookside Natural Cushion Cut Diamond and Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $18,000

This stunning halo engagement ring features a cushion-cut diamond stone. Surrounding the stone is a row of calibre-cut emeralds that earn the ring some extra attention. Additional small diamonds hug the shoulders. The level of detail this bauble oozes is breathtaking.

7. Atlanta Ring

13787 Atlanta Geometric Asscher Cut Emerald Halo Ring

Price: $4,800

There’s something about geometrically designed engagement rings that make them feel special, and the Atlanta Ring is proof of that. The center diamond is Asscher-cut and weighs approximately 0.50 carats. Surrounding it is a row of natural calibre-cut emeralds followed by a halo of additional diamonds.

8. New York Ring

12317 Newy York Asscher Cut Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,800

The radiance of the New York Ring makes a bold statement of love, health, and strength. It has a VVS2 clarity, Asscher-cut diamond accentuated by a halo of smaller diamonds weighing 0.23 carats. Additional diamonds flank the shoulders, giving the ring a contrasting yet complementary look. The openwork under-gallery adds a royal touch to this already elegant piece.

9. Tuena Ring

12916 Tuena Ring

Price: $9,000

Simple doesn’t mean basic, and the Tuena Ring is perfect for ladies who will never forego class and opulence. This engagement ring makes a bold statement thanks to the bezel-set cushion-cut 1.05-carat diamond center stone. A halo of small diamonds surrounds the center stone making the already perfect ring extra special.

10. Aspen Ring

13105 Aspen Aquamarine Ring with Sapphire and Diamond Halo

Price: $3,800

Halo rings are gorgeous, but a double halo ring arrangement unlocks a new level of elegance, and the Aspen Ring is a perfect example. Its center stone is an aquamarine gemstone that’s framed with French-cut sapphires. The sapphires give the ring a rich, blue color that oozes boldness. The edge is adorned with small round-cut diamonds that refine the final look of the piece. The teal and blue perfectly accentuate the hand of the wearer.

11. Barrington Ring

11930 Barrington Natural Diamond and Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Price: $22,000

The Barrington Ring’s main attraction is the detailed crown and its 1.63 carats, F color, and SI1 clarity diamond. The under-gallery further exhibits the intricate crown. The 18k yellow gold will surely make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

12. Bologna Ring

13160 Bologna Old European Cut Natural Diamond and Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Price: $19,500

The next piece on our list doesn’t fall short of detail. Centering this interesting piece is an old European-cut diamond that weighs 2.07 carats. Surrounding it is an areola of smaller old-cut diamonds that weigh an extra 0.25 carats. The mounting is set in 18k gold and features an openwork filigree under-gallery and a triple-wire shank that brings in an extra whimsy effect.

13. Amherst Ring

13532 Amherst Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

Price: $4,800

The Amherst Ring radiates energy that’s gentle yet bold. Its center stone is an Asscher-cut sapphire that gives it a rich, blue saturation. Framing the center stone is a halo of diamonds that perfectly combine with the blue to give the accessory a contrasting yet elegant look.

14. Central Park Ring

14093 Central Park Natural Diamond and Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000

The Central Park Ring is for those unafraid to grab some attention. Its main stone is an eye-catching 0.55-carat antique old European cut diamond of J color and VS2 clarity. Surrounding the stone is a halo of French-cut sapphires that give it a rich, blue flair. The under-gallery is adorned with openwork that adds to the radiance of the ring.

15. Marino Ring

12632 Marino Natural Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,800

If you want a diamond engagement ring that will steal the show, then the Marino Ring might be the one. Centering the ring is a GIA-certified, G-color, SI1 clarity, cushion-cut diamond. Additional diamonds flank the center stone and the shoulders.

16. Volos Ring

Three Stone Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring 12965_Artistic

Price: $8,000

All diamond rings are gorgeous, but if you’re looking for that unique factor, check out the Volos Ring. A gorgeous 1.09-carat old European cut diamond sits at the center of this handcrafted platinum engagement ring. This ring features an additional diamond flanking either side and comes adorned with fine engraving along the sides

17. Groton Ring

12983 Groton Ring

Price: $4,200

The Groton Ring is a beautifully designed engagement ring that would make anyone feel special. The shoulders that graduate toward the center stone make this ring noticeable from afar. They’re broken into three sections, each set with smaller diamonds. The gallery of this platinum ring boasts openwork filigree milgrain.

18. Tolu Ring

13009 Tolu Ring

Price: $6,000

The Tolu Ring makes a clear statement of beauty and boldness. At its center sits a huge natural emerald bezel-set in 18k yellow gold. A halo of old European cut diamonds in a pave setting surrounds the bezel and extends down the shoulders.

19. Geneva Ring

13763 Geneva  Natural Diamond and Onyx Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $10,500

The handsome Geneva Ring is an excellent option for those who adore black-and-white combinations. This vintage engagement ring follows the trend of the 1920s, a ring both bold and classy. The center is flanked by an old European-cut diamond that weighs 1.09 carat. Surrounding the stone is a halo of geometrically set natural onyx.

20. Tusten Ring

13995 Tusten Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $14,000

This natural diamond Tusten engagement ring speaks elegance and class to whoever sets their eyes on it. A halo of additional old mine cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.75 carats surrounds the center old mine cut diamond. A single diamond flanks each shoulder and the ring features a platinum setting.

21. Boston Ring

13084 Boston Emerald Cut Diamond and Sapphire Double Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $8,000

The Boston Ring is for those who want to make a statement of boldness, beauty, and class. The center diamond is emerald-cut and GIA-certified. Surrounding it are natural French-cut sapphires followed by a row of old European-cut diamonds. This ring is low-profile and oozes timeless and skillful craftsmanship.

22. Eura Ring

12997 Eura Natural Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $9,200

This elegant and delicate bauble is a classic example of a flower-shaped natural diamond engagement ring. It has a K color 1.21-carat vintage old mine cut center diamond. Framing the center stone is a gorgeous halo of old-cut diamonds. The halo is bordered by fine milgrain, and the sides have openwork resembling an arch.

23. Spruce Ring

12771 Spruce Ring

Price: $9,700

The Spruce Ring is for those who don’t shy away from elegance. Its center stone is an antique GIA-certified cushion-cut diamond. The center stone is surrounded by blue sapphires that perfectly complement the diamonds. The shoulders boast additional diamonds, and the ring is mounted on a triple wire shank set in 18K yellow gold.

24. Cambria Ring

14060 Cambria Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $6,500

A 0.79 carat natural old European cut diamond sits at the center of this vintage-style engagement ring. The bezel-set center stone sits surrounded by a halo of smaller old European cut diamonds. Each of the shoulders features a single old European cut diamond and the ring features fine milgrain and a triple-wire shank.

25. English Ring

12730 Natural Diamond English Ring

Price: $21,000

The English Ring is undeniably beautiful. It is handcrafted and set in 18k yellow gold. The main stone weighs 2.06 carats and is of J color and VS2 clarity. The two pear-shaped diamonds on each side make this ring special. This ring will likely be passed down to an offspring and forever hold a special bond between mother and child.

26. Seville Ring

14135 Seville Ring

Price: $12,800

This Seville Ring features a 1.54-carat antique European-cut diamond, but what makes it special are the hand engravings that flank the shoulders and the shank. It was crafted by old European jewelers and serves as a constant reminder that style is timeless.

27. Calca Ring

13692 Calca Diamond and Emerald Ring

Price: $27,000

If you’re looking for something stunning and different in an engagement ring, then the Calca Ring is what you should be eying. The 2.06-carat diamond center stone is surrounded by stellar emeralds that extend down toward the shoulder. The finish is a beautiful openwork under-gallery that gives the ring extra sparkle.

28. Rochdale Ring

13230 Rochdale Natural Diamond Two Tone Engagement Rings

Price: $9,500

For those who prefer a simpler aesthetic, consider this minimalistic Rochdale ring. This vintage platinum engagement ring centers a GIA-certified 1.08 carat old European cut natural diamond set in prongs and flanked by two baguette-cut diamonds set into the shoulders.

29. Cairns Ring

14090 Cairns Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $8,000

For those looking for something simple yet detailed, look no further than the Cairns Ring. Centering this engagement ring is a 1.16-carat antique European-cut diamond. What makes this ring extra special are the clear, leaf-shaped shoulders that are adorned with fine milgrain.

30. Faro Ring

13054 Faro Ring

Price: $5,000

Those who love a mix of diamonds and 18k yellow gold will be thrilled with the Faro Ring. The H color center diamond is jazzed up with a halo of diamonds and sits in an 18k yellow gold mounting. The three wire shanks and the extra diamonds that dazzle the shoulders add to the glitter of this handsome ring.

31. Henlow Ring

13844 Henlow Geometric Asscher Cut Diamond Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Price: $7,000

Halo rings are spectacular, but the bold Henlow Ring stands out from the crowd. Surrounding the main 0.84-carat center diamond is a halo of baguette-cut diamonds followed by a row of brilliant-cut diamonds. The contrast between the F color center stone and the colors of the two halos brings out this ring’s radiance.

32. Lowville Ring

13013 Lowville Ring

Price: $9,800

A natural antique cushion cut diamond sits at the center of this platinum engagement ring. The prong-setting features a beautiful array of accenting baguette cut diamonds. Old European cut diamonds adorn the sides of the gallery and sit inside bullet-shaped bezels on the shoulders. The total ring holds a total diamond weight of approximately 1.45 carats

33. Howden Ring

12188 Howden Marquise cut diamond engagement ring

Price: $4,500

Who knew simplicity could steal the show? The Howden Ring has a 0.67-carat antique marquise-cut diamond, J color and VS1 center stone surrounded by a similarly shaped halo of smaller diamonds. This piece is tasteful, simple, and classy.

34. Mississippi Ring

13786 Mississippi Asscher Cut Vintage Style Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $4,800

If the idea of a simple halo excites you, then the Mississippi Ring should be on top of the list. At its center lies a lively Asscher-cut diamond. Surrounding it are French-cut sapphires that are followed with an additional frame of small round diamonds. The contrast between the blue and the white is what makes this ring stand out from the crowd.

35. Ruby Floral Ring

14134 Ruby Floral Ring

Price: $14,000

Those looking for a stunning floral design will love the Ruby Floral Ring. Its diamond stone is GIA-certified, weighs 1.74 carats, and boasts VS1 clarity. Surrounding the already gorgeous stone are half-moon-cut red rubies followed by a halo of extra diamonds set in a floral pattern. This ring is 18k gold and platinum.

36. Matera Ring

13053 Matera Ring

Price: $5,000

Next on the list of top natural diamond engagement rings is a rare antique-style gem, the Matera Ring. The ring has a stunning cushion-cut center stone mounted in a platinum setting and surrounded by a halo of old diamonds. A striking openwork filigree rules the ring’s under-gallery, further adding to its delicacy.

37. Eastchester Ring

13502 Eastchester  Natural Cushion Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement  Ring

Price: $9,000

The Eastchester Ring is another stunning piece with intricate and detailed work. The center of the ring showcases a 1.25-carat cushion-cut diamond. It is surrounded by a halo of J color antique diamonds prong-set in a floral pattern.

38. Finchley Ring

13757 Finchley Rose Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $10,000

The Finchley Ring offers another interesting addition to the list of the best natural diamond engagement rings. At the center of this vintage style ring sits a 1.00 carat rose cut diamond certified by the GIA. The bezel-set center stone is surrounded by a halo of pave-set old European cut diamonds. The shoulders are further adorned by diamond-set fleur-de-lis motif which adds to the romantic aesthetic of this ring.

39. Revel Ring

13700 Revel Ring

Price: $10,500

If you’re a fan of geometric shapes have a look at this unique natural diamond halo engagement ring. It features a 1.30-carat transitional cut diamond, surrounded by an octagon-shaped diamond halo of single-cut diamonds. The shank follows a triple-wire design and beautiful openwork accents the gallery.

40. Manchester Ring

14048 Manchester Ring

Price: $7,200

Love florals? Have a look at this bezel-set antique cushion cut diamond engagement ring. A halo of old European cut diamonds adorn the center stone with four accent diamonds bezel-set around it. The shoulders . An openwork under-gallery, triple-wire shank and fine milgrain decorate the platinum setting.

41. Luso Ring

13829 Luso Ring

Price: $25,000

No one could say no to this stunning beauty. The center diamond is of I color and weighs a whopping 2.42 carats. The focus stone features a halo of extra diamonds weighing 0.35 carats. Kite-shaped emeralds grace the ring’s shoulders, giving it a bold, whimsical effect.

42. Covina Ring

13284 Artistic Diamond Engagement Ring with Prongs

Price: $5,900

This beautiful natural diamond engagement ring centers a 0.90 carat prong-set old European cut diamond, with smaller diamonds embellishing the under-gallery. The shoulders feature additional brilliant cut diamonds along the white gold band. The classic beauty of this ring foretells that this gem is likely to stay in the family for generations.

43. Newbury Ring

13784 Newbury Ring

Price: $6,000

Diamonds and emeralds are a timeless and striking combination, and the Newbury Ring is a charming example. The center diamond of this special ring is emerald-cut, GIA-certified, and weighs 0.50 carats. A halo of fine emeralds surrounds the center stone, followed by an extra row of diamonds.

44. Pacific Ring

13834 Pacific Ring

Price: $5,200

Centering this gorgeous platinum engagement ring is a 0.52-carat emerald-cut diamond. Around it is a stunning halo of French-cut sapphires that give it an extra flair. Extra diamonds add a gleam element to the shoulders, making this gorgeous accessory a masterpiece.

45. Tamworth Ring

13804 Tamworth Ring

Price: $5,000

The Tamworth Ring is one of those natural diamond engagement rings that is minimalistic but exudes elegance. The center stone is a 0.77-carat old European-cut diamond with VS2 clarity and K color. Extra diamonds adorn the center stone and extend down the shoulders. The ring is set in platinum, and the shank is embellished with engravings.

46. Windham Ring

Top Double Halo Engagement Rings Windham Ring 12155

Price: $10,600

The Windham Ring is a bold choice in natural diamond engagement rings. The center diamond is cushion-cut, GIA-certified, and weighs 1.01 carats. Fine onyx surrounds the stone giving it a classic flair. Extra diamonds dazzle the ring’s edge and extend down the shoulders.

47. Bedworth Ring

14113 Bedworth Old European Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $38,000

Embellished with a bow motif and refined with stellar milgrain, the Edwardian-style Bedworth Ring is one of those natural diamond engagement rings that will positively turn heads. An old European-cut diamond weighing 4.18 carats, with I color and I1 clarity, adorns the center of this antique Edwardian piece, exuding elegance.

48. Westfield Ring

12917 Westfield Ring

Price: $11,000

If you’re confident your soon-to-be spouse isn’t afraid to sport a conversation piece, you should be eying the Westfield Ring. This piece hails from the Art Deco era and utilizes a platinum setting. The center diamond weighs 1.17 carats and is bordered with bullet-shaped emeralds that give it a bold, green glow.

49. Plano Ring

13762 Plano Diamond and French Cut Ruby Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $17,000

Next on the list of natural diamond engagement rings is the Plano Ring. What makes this piece unique is the halo of French-cut rubies that encircle the center diamond. Extra diamonds extend along the shoulders of the ring, giving it that extra shine. The under-gallery features an arch-like openwork filigree, further adding to the delicacy of this ring. Truly, the Plano Ring is another bauble that’s likely to become a family heirloom.

50. Lugano Aquamarine Ring

DYL5 Basswood Ring

Price: $10,500

Finishing off the list of natural diamond engagement rings we have this stunning three stone ring set in 18k white gold. The 1.01 carat emerald cut center diamond comes flanked by two smaller emerald cut diamonds, weighing 0.63 carats total. The shoulders further feature smaller diamonds in a micro-pave setting, with a total weight of 0.20 carats.

Natural Diamond Rings vs. Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

Natural vs. Lab Grown Diamonds

If you have browsed lab-grown diamonds, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t really differentiate them from antique diamonds with the naked eye. You’re not alone; jewelers can’t tell the difference with just their eyes either. But the two really are different. The GIA says that lab-grown diamond rings have an odd fluorescence pattern that’s not present in natural diamonds. This pattern can only be seen through mirroring tools.

When purchasing a diamond ring, verify that it’s natural and not synthetic. A synthetic diamond looks genuine from afar, but you’ll have trouble if you ever decide to sell it. The resale value of lab-grown diamonds is almost non-existent, and if you are lucky to get a buyer, expect to cash in only a fraction of what you’d get for a natural diamond ring.

Learn more in our article Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are a Massive Scam! We’ll unveil everything you need to know about natural diamonds vs. lab-grown diamonds.

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