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39 Cute Birthday Candles You Can Order Online

39 Cute Birthday Candles You Can Order Online

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What’s the difference between a plain old cake and a birthday cake? Candles, of course! But cute birthday candles can be hard to come by, at least out in the wild. Perhaps that’s because candles are often an afterthought. Most people don’t think to pick them up until they’re at the store buying all of the ingredients they need to make a cake—which is why it’s so smart that grocery stores carry birthday candles at all. Unfortunately, most mainstream grocers (at least in my part of the country, the Midwest) are still stocking their shelves with the same boring candles my parents used when I was a kid. You know the ones: basic two-inch spiral candles in primary colors.

Well, reader, I’m about to turn 40 and I’m pleased to inform you that, like me, birthday candles have actually gotten much more attractive over the years—despite what you might see on grocery store shelves. Also like me, they often seem to exist exclusively on the internet. Unlike me, they’ve generally gotten taller and skinnier, but you can’t win them all, right?

Because I have a big birthday on the brain—and because I haven’t blown my germs all over a communal cake in nearly three years—I spent way too much time finding the cutest birthday candles available online. Some are sparkly, some are sparklers, and a few are so stylish they might even inspire you to bake a birthday cake (or at least some cupcakes) just for the hell of it.

In honor of me not being 40 for a few more days, here are the 39 cutest birthday candles you can order online right now. I recommend stocking up on a variety of sizes and styles so you always have the perfect birthday candles for everyone you know and love as we (hopefully) start to celebrate birthdays in a big way again.

Patterned birthday candles

Nevada-based brand Meri Meri makes too many festive favors to count (okay, I got tired and stopped counting at 37), but these patterned birthday candles take the cake.

Meri Meri Cherry Pattern Candles (16)

$12.00, Meri Meri

Meri Meri Neon Confetti Candles (16)

$12.00, Meri Meri

Meri Meri Floral Pattern Candles (16)

$12.00, Meri Meri

Color-block birthday candles

If you’re going for a more modern look, consider these cool color block candles (yes, including a few more picks from Meri Meri). The subtle, monochromatic color block might be my new favorite.

Meri Meri Pink Color Block Candles (16)

$12.00, Target

Meri Meri Multi Color Block Candles (16)

$12.00, Meri Meri

Spritz Striped Birthday Candles (20)

$3.00, Target

Metallic birthday candles

Whether you go for a full silver or gold candle, or just a little metallic dip, everyone will know these gorgeous birthday candles were not an afterthought.

Caspari Slim Birthday Candles in Moss Green with Gold Tips (32)

$18.00, Amazon

Spritz Birthday Cake Candles with Metallic Dip (12)

$4.00, Target

Luter Metallic Birthday Candles in Holders (24)

$7.00, Amazon

Silver Tall Candles (16)

$10.00, Paper Source

Papyrus Gold Dip Birthday Candles (24)

$9.00, Amazon

Gemgoo Champagne Gold Birthday Candles (24)

$6.00, Amazon

Celebrate It Gold Dipped Pink and Teal Birthday Candles (12)

$2.00, Michaels

Iridescent Birthday Candles

Sometimes you just need a little shimmer in your life. And on your cake. These iridescent birthday candles would look great on a basic white cake or an over-the-top surprise cake.

Celebrate It Iridescent Candles (12)

$3.00, Michaels

Spritz Iridescent Birthday Candles (12)

$4.00, Target

Sparkly birthday candles

These super-festive, sparkly birthday candles are not to be confused with sparkler birthday candles (but I included a few of those below, too).

Meri Meri Blue & Green Glitter Candles (24)

$12.00, Meri Meri

Meri Meri Silver Glitter Star Candles (6)

$11.00, Meri Meri

Rainbow Glitter Candles (24)

$6.00, Paper Source

PHD Cake Glitter Birthday Candles (24)

$7.00, Amazon

Nuanchu Black and Gold Glitter Candles (30)

$10.00, Amazon

Meri Meri Pink Glitter Candles (24)

$12.00, Meri Meri

Sparkler birthday candles

Is a sparkler technically a birthday candle? Maybe not, but it’s a fire hazard you can stick in a cake and that’s fun (and also super cute).

Exquisite Creative Sparkler Candles (6)

$14.00, Amazon

Tops Malibu Gold Number Sparkler Candle

$6.00, Etsy

Gold Sparkler Number Candles

$6.00, Meri Meri

Ombré birthday candles

Not ready to tackle an ombré cake just yet? You can still get the look with pretty ombré birthday candles. For a more dramatic ombré effect, use a monochromatic birthday candle set in a gorgeous shade of green.

Ginger Ray Tall Ombre Cake Candles (12)

$5.00, Target

Papyrus Ombré Birthday Candles (24)

$4.00, Amazon

Blue Panda Cake Topper Letters with Glitter Candles (37)

$10.00, Amazon

Papyrus Pink Ombré Eco-Friendly Birthday Candles (24)

$9.00, Amazon

Wilton Great Value Green Ombré Birthday Candles (16)

$1.00, Walmart

Meri Meri Rainbow Dipped Tapered Candles

$12.00, Meri Meri

Multi-colored birthday candles

These colorful birthday candles are pretty much just tall, skinny versions of basic grocery store candles (sans the signature swirl), but their height makes them feel so much more chic.

American Greetings Birthday Candles (24)

$7.00, Amazon

L&Co Tall Skinny Birthday Candles (20)

$13.00, Amazon

Spritz 5.5-inch Beeswax Candles (15)

$6.00, Target

Chunky birthday candles

Maybe you’re not into tall, skinny birthday candles. Or maybe you want something with a little more texture. Either way, consider these funky, chunky options.

Papyrus Roses Birthday Candles (12)

$6.00, Amazon

PHD Cake Rainbow Spiral Birthday Candles (36)

$9.00, Amazon

Spritz Corkscrew Blue and Green Birthday Candles (10)

$3.00, Target

Bean Lieve Rainbow Birthday Candles (12)

$5.00, Amazon

Papyrus Eco-Friendly Birthday Candles (12)

$6.00, Amazon

Papyrus Eco-Friendly Birthday Candles (12)

$5.00, Amazon

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