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Charming Baby Girl Nursery Decor Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Charming Baby Girl Nursery Decor Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re like us, you’ve probably had a mental image of what your baby’s nursery would look like long before that positive pregnancy test.

Now that you know you’re expecting a girl, you can really fill up your vision board! We love that baby girl nursery ideas have morphed from simply pink and bows to an array of delightfully cute nursery theme ideas that can grow with your daughter.

While we all love endlessly scrolling Pinterest, if you’re looking for a succinct list of the best nursery decor themes complete with floor-to-ceiling ideas, then this list is for you! 

What Do You Need in Your Baby’s Nursery?

What don’t you need?! It can be tempting to want to include “all the things”. It can also be a bit overwhelming if you dwell too long on all the necessities a tiny, helpless human could require.

But don’t fret – there actually aren’t too many must-haves. Additionally, expectant parents usually acquire all the “optional” things gradually through baby showers, holidays, and even the weeks and months following the little one’s grand entrance. So there’s no pressure to get it all at once!

What does your daughter’s nursery really need?

Well, a place for them to sleep is always a good idea. However, you don’t actually need a crib, at least at first. You could easily get away with a bassinet or mobile crib.

A dresser or closet with hangers to store all those cute tiny clothes is another necessity. You can either place a changing pad on top of the dresser or opt for a changing table.

Finally, though you may not truly need it, a place to sit and/or rock your little one is immensely helpful in a nursery. 

Aside from things associated with sleeping and pooping (pretty much all your child will do those first few weeks to months) the rest is optional. Most nurseries also include:

  • a bookshelf or toy box
  • a mobile
  • a lamp or two
  • a rug or playmat
  • stuffed animals
  • wall decals
  • other decor

If you have the budget for these things, great! If not, don’t stress. What your baby really needs is your love and care. They’ll survive without a musical mobile. 

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Woodland/Nature Themed Nursery

Your sweet girl will feel like they’re frolicking in a magical forest! Woodland birch photo wallpaper makes it feel as if you can walk right into the woods and we love how a seafoam bedding set complements the green hues of the trees. Pull it all together with a neutral cozy tribal diamond rug and a convertible crib that mimics the light wood tones of the birch. 

Of course, this little girl’s nature nursery wouldn’t be complete without a few finishing touches, like a sweet woodland creature night light that can be personalized. Or a plush forest friend that plays gentle music. And of course, a charming cotton bear storage basket perfect for toys or use as a hamper. This outdoor-inspired room is positively fern-tastic! 

Woodland Nursery Decor Night Light

Colorful Artistic Nursery

black and white doodle wallpaper

We’re swooning over this modern nursery theme that includes far more than just a pop of color! You wouldn’t know it at first, with this cool black and white doodle wallpaper. However, take a closer look and you’ll see that these cheery characters are meant to be colored in! You and your partner, or your little girl when she’s old enough, can create your own masterpiece directly on the wall.

With such vibrant wall decor, you need an equally as intriguing bed set, like this colorful yet subdued organic bedding. The artistry continues onto the floor with a brightly-hued rainbow stripe rug

Multi Stripe Rug
Baby Relax Dartford Rocker Chair with Storage Pockets

A solid, deep green rocker chair is a much appreciated focal point in this vivid nursery. Pair it with an eye-catching and unique, knot ball pillow for added interest.

Finally, finish off your little Picasso’s room with a sweet, plush rainbow alphabet garland that they can enjoy long into toddlerhood and beyond!

Rainbow Alphabet Garland

We love how this nursery is bursting with color, without feeling too busy or disorganized. 

Earth Tones Nursery

There’s nothing like neutral tones to create a calm and inviting space for your baby girl. You don’t have to keep everything mono-chromatic though – this earth-toned nursery has plenty of intrigue.

Tribeca 4-in-1 Baby Convertible Crib

Little splashes of other hues from a rope storage basket and a sweet moon and stars pillow set help to maintain the theme no matter where you look. Black and white photographs would look gorgeous as nursery wall art, or you can opt for this trio of neutral nursery prints, two with a simplistic contour drawing and the third with a charming baby-themed quote.

moon and stars pillow set

As parents, we also delight in the fact that this nursery can effortlessly transition with your child as they grow. 

Floral Themed Nursery

Oversized personalized wall art

Floral and little girl’s nurseries undoubtedly go hand-in-hand, but we think it’s time to bring some sophistication to this timeless trend. Oversized personalized wall art in a flowing, trendy script beautifully blends with the theme. We suggest pairing it with some handcrafted faux blooms or vintage floral wallpaper. Gauze curtains in a delightful shade of coral will gently bathe the room in just enough light. 

Emma Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

We’re swooning over this perfectly pink nursery that’s the ideal spot to watch your little bud bloom into a stunning rose.   

Starry Skies Nursery

“Enchanting” is the only word to describe this celestial nursery.

Watercolor moon and star wall decals

Watercolor moon and star wall decals stand out against any paint color and add a light and airy feel to the theme. In juxtaposition, the night sky room darkening curtains in a deep shade of blue offer a welcome bold pop of color, interrupted by star-shaped holes cut into the curtains to let in just a touch of light.

This girly galaxy wouldn’t be complete without celestial crib bedding in grey, gold, and pink, featuring moons, stars, and patterned concentric circles. A celestial rug in the same color and design is plush and cozy, perfect for when your babe wants to lay among the stars during tummy time.

Grey and White Star and Moon Accent Floor Rug
Lewondr Moon Shape Table Lamp

A dark blue swivel rocking chair is a relaxing spot to rock your child, read a book, or even gaze at the night sky during those dream feeds. Add a lovely moon-shaped lamp to gently illuminate your little space traveler’s cabin.

Whether she wants to be a daring astronaut or a broadway star, this galactic nursery is the perfect place for her to dream big! 

Fairytale Themed Nursery

Your fair maiden will certainly never want to leave this fairytale nursery fit for a princess.

A breathtaking fairytale castle wall mural, complete with a rainbow and lush landscaping is positively stunning. It makes the perfect backdrop for a regal convertible crib in blush pink pearl, outfitted with a whimsical gauzy crib canopy studded with glittering stars. 

Hand Painted Fairytale Rainbow Castle Mural
DreamIt Reversible Baby Bedding Floral

Complete her royal bed with dreamy floral bedding that can be reversed to show a noble crown-wearing swan!

Pink Round Rug for Girls Bedroom
Mobile Unicorn

Fairytales are never without unicorns, making this sweet little mobile a fitting choice of nursery decor. Just for fun, add this darling concrete frog prince statue that will surely become a treasured item in your daughter’s palace. 

Baby Nursery FAQ

When should you start to organize the baby nursery?

We usually say there isn’t a “perfect” time, but in this case, there actually is.

The 5-6 month mark of your pregnancy is a great time for nursery preparation. It should coincide with your baby shower, where you will likely receive many of your nursery necessities off your baby registry. Additionally, you won’t be too uncomfortable yet to move around and decorate.

How do I choose a nursery theme?

Pinterest, probe your friends and family, pick out a favorite item and build off of it! The options are nearly endless, as are the nursery decor ideas out there.

What colors are best for a baby’s nursery?

Young babies are attracted to black and white, while older babies tend to appreciate vibrant and bright colors. That certainly doesn’t mean you need to have either of those things in your nursery theme, though. Subdued blues, greens, and pinks have been found to help people calm down (which might be useful for tired parents!), while earth tones and neutral hues are also quite relaxing. 

In general, you want to pick a color that you are comfortable with and that makes you feel at ease. You will be spending a lot of time in your baby’s nursery too. Try to choose something relaxing, timeless, and that works well with your overall theme. 

How do I set up a nursery?

There are a lot of layout ideas online surrounding where should nursery furniture be placed within the room. In the end, there are two important factors to consider. First, does it work for you? Give it a trial run, both at day and at night, and make sure the space is functional. Second, is it safe? We have a few tips below regarding nursery safety. 

Quick Safety Tips for Setting Up the Nursery

Crib Safety

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has a whole host of safe sleep recommendations all parents should read. When it comes to crib safety: 

  • Keep the sleeping space free and clear of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals
  • Only a tight-fitting crib sheet should be used 
  • Crib bumpers are generally not recommended 
  • Make sure your child’s crib mattress is at an age-appropriate level so they cannot fall or climb out

Nursery Safety

  • Don’t leave cords from wall lights, curtains, or blinds dangling – tie them back
  • Make sure the nursery doesn’t get too hot or too cold
  • Cover all outlets with plug covers and secure electrical cords 
  • Anchor dressers, changing tables, and other objects that could tip 

Furniture Arrangement

  • Never hang a mobile directly over a crib as it could fall in entrap or injure your child
  • Keep cribs and changing tables away from windows
  • Don’t place your crib directly under a vent 
  • Check for recalls on all your baby gear and products before use

Who Run the World? Girls! 

Or at least, that’s who will be running your household as soon as she arrives.

Welcome her to a lovely nursery where she can grow, learn, and play (and hopefully sleep, eventually)! There are plenty of nursery theme ideas from earth tones to space and from princess to Picasso. You can tailor each of these ideas to make it truly your own, a special space created especially for your bundle of joy.