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DO You Want to Know The Best Ways to Include the Humble Tumbleweed in Your Wedding? – The Wedding Blog: Unique Ideas

DO You Want to Know The Best Ways to Include the Humble Tumbleweed in Your Wedding? – The Wedding Blog: Unique Ideas


Top 5 Ultimate Places To Use Painted TUMBLEWEED to Update Your Wedding Event

DO You Want to Know The Best Ways to Include the Humble Tumbleweed in Your Wedding? – The Wedding Blog: Unique Ideas

Both large and ethereal, almost insubstantial, 

at the same time, tumbleweeds grow until they detach from their central root…

Remember that dried flower wedding decor trend from a few years back? Well, it has returned, but with a twist. What we loved then, and now, is how traditional and somewhat cutting-edge the trend of using dried flowers is

But now we’ve got something even better, and that is the humble tumbleweed. This versatile plant is showing up in wedding venues across the country from the farmhouse chic celebration to black-and-white events.

And one reason for this is that you can do so much with tumbleweeds that other floral and green arrangements can’t achieve. Before we get to that, however, a little bit of history on the humble tumbleweed…

Tumbleweed-decor-wedding inspiration-floral decor-Weddings by KMich-Philadelphia PAEvents are at the best place to show off your creative side...this thistle  was brought here by immigrants carrying contained flaxseeds... these thistle need little to no water to survive and grow enormous sizes. This will be a great and unique look as a decor. Weddings by KMich


A Thistle By Any Other Name

Brought to the plains in the United States by immigrants carrying contaminated flax seeds, these thistles need little to no water to survive and grow to enormous sizes. Both large and ethereal, almost insubstantial, at the same time, tumbleweeds grow until they detach from their central root networks and tumble along the plains, drying out in the process. 

The delicate structure of the plant, combined with their sometimes overwhelming size, make them perfect props for a wedding celebration and, once you include additions like color and other embellishments, it is no longer the humble tumbleweed at all. 

Painted TUMBLEWEED ideas For Your Unique Wedding…

How To Organize them for An unforgettable Weddings

Whether as an accompaniment to a larger floral arrangement or on its own in dynamic color, we’ve got some great ways for you to include the tumbleweed in your wedding ceremony. We tried to vary these approaches to meet as varied a ceremony type as possible, from formal to more comfortable, so there should be something for everyone. 

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Here are the best 5 areas to include tumbleweed in your wedding decor:

5 Top Areas to Add the Humble Tumbleweed 

1. Tumbleweed Ceremony/Reception

Tumbleweeds-decor-wedding decor-floral decor-Weddings by KMich-Jenkintown PATumbleweeds-decor-wedding decor-floral decor-Weddings by KMich-Jenkintown PA


Carve out pathways during your ceremony and reception with stylized tumbleweeds leading the way. You can even add LED lights for that extra touch of the unique and dynamic. It’s really up to you and how it works with the venue. For example, an outside event could really take this trend to the next level with a kind of sculpted garden appearance to the ceremony and reception spaces.   

2. Tumbleweed Centerpieces

Tumbleweed-decor-centerpieces-florarl decor-wedding inpsiration-Weddings by KMich- Jenkintown PA


Flowers tend to be the centerpieces at tables, but they don’t have to be and, in fact, tumbleweeds work quite well here, too. You can even combine the two traditions for something very unique indeed. The idea here is that you want something eye-catching and unique without really upsetting traditional expectations. The tumbleweed’s delicate structure, combined with its resilience and perseverance as a plant, make it a great symbol for contemplation on a wedding day and thus a centerpiece makes perfect sense. 

3. Tumbleweed Bouquets with greenery

Nothing says unique quite like a tumbleweed bouquet. One of the best things about tumbleweeds is that they are easy to paint and embellish. With this in mind, you could have a bouquet that is out of this world. Think embedded flowers, lace, or fabrics woven into the design. 

4. Tumbleweed at the Venue Entrance

Tumbleweed-decor-floral decor-venue entrance-wedding inspiration-Weddings by KMich - Jenkintown PATumbleweed-decor-floral decor-venue entrance-wedding inspiration-Weddings by KMich - Jenkintown PA


Make an impression and one that lasts with a tumbleweed as a major theme or accompaniment to your broader decor at the venue entrance. This is a great way to set the tone for your wedding as well as how you plan on implementing this trend in your ceremony. As with other suggestions above, we suggest being bold with color and not shying away from the tumbleweed’s versatility in this area. 

5. Tumbleweed Backdrop

Tumbleweed-decor-backdrop-wedding inspiration-weddings by KMich-Jenkintown PATumbleweed-decor-backdrop-wedding inspiration-weddings by KMich-Jenkintown PA


The backdrop is another area where you can make a statement. The thing to keep in mind here is fusion and thinking outside of the box. Combining florals, tumbleweeds, cloth, and others will create a dynamic, unique, and one-of-kind execution that will make the wedding all your own.

Tumbleweed Rolling Forward Conclusion

Whether you are driving for a lacey prairie chic look or a cottage vibe, or even an avant-garde exploration of color and textures, the humble tumbleweed is the perfect palette upon which to paint your artistic, individualistic expressions for your wedding ceremony. Whether as the main focus or as an accompaniment to a broader floral and garden arrangement, tumbleweeds bring a touch of the natural, a hint of the ephemeral, and more than enough unique energy to any wedding decor scheme.  

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Tumbleweed decor-decor ideas-crafty ideas-wedding decor-Weddings by KMich-Jenkintown PA