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‘Southern Charm’ Season 8, Episode 8 Recap: Holy Mutt-rimony

‘Southern Charm’ Season 8, Episode 8 Recap: Holy Mutt-rimony

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‘Southern Charm’ Season 8, Episode 8 Recap: Holy Mutt-rimony

Southern Charm

Holy Mutt-rimony

Year 8

Episode 8

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2 stars

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There will come a working day in numerous a dog’s lifetime when a outrageous wealthy woman decides you should wed. And now is that working day for Patricia’s pet dog Peaches and Shep’s puppy, Minimal Craig. The lavish exhibit is both equally a representation of how starved for articles this year is and a way to highlight the show’s overarching topic of fearing commitment — significantly as it pertains to Shep, the father of the groom.

He and Whitney just take their upcoming newlyweds for a walk while conversing about their individual aversions to relationship like a scene from a gender-reswapped revival of Corporation (Shep is Bobby and Patricia is Joanne, definitely). Shep digs further into his panic of relationship, linking it to a panic of failure because no person in his relatives has ever gotten divorced. But Shep shouldn’t panic getting divorced he’d be so terrific at it.

For yrs now, Shep’s full deal has normally been dealt with like an affliction, but to be reasonable, he’s been fully constant from the day we satisfied him. How can any person act stunned that he doesn’t want to settle down when that’s all he’s been saying for eight seasons (plus his short-lived spinoff RelationShep, which you can’t establish I viewed in total)? Positive, the place can be designed that Taylor shouldn’t be led down a useless-close avenue if he doesn’t want to get married, but doesn’t Taylor have essential cable? If so, she’s certainly informed of this because he talks about it on television all the time.

As a testament to how low on footage this season is functioning, there is a random digression from Austen though he’s on the cellphone with his sister, whose glasses remind him of Harry Potter. “Harry Potter experienced damaged eyeglasses — like, repair ’em, bro you’re a wizard,” he claims. And it simply will have to be mentioned that Austen is an fool since if you’ve at any time seen Harry Potter, you know that as before long as he gets a wizard, he famously gets his eyeglasses set with magic. “Oculus Reparo,” you complete idiot! But no, he carries on to embarrass himself by boasting Harry Potter is the only character in the wizarding earth with glasses (actually not accurate, jester, but go off).

I simply simply cannot believe that these are the forms of brainless musings he will make that girls faux to snicker at around a glass of Trop Hop on terrible dates all throughout Charleston. Anyway, the essential part of this scene is him telling his sister he likes Olivia but wishes to go on getting enjoyment. Let’s remember that as we check out on.

In the meantime, Olivia and Taylor (whom I can not convey to apart) are getting lunch with Kathryn to fulfill their contractual obligations. We discover out Kathryn wasn’t invited to the impending doggy nuptials, which does not make sense to me due to the fact she’s on this exhibit, but even so it presents us some breathing space from her antics. In addition it makes it possible for Kathryn to make me cackle as she drags the full issue in her confessional by mockingly expressing, “Oh, let’s have our puppies marry every single other. You can occur in excess of to my dwelling. I’ll host a lavish event!”

We also find out at this lunch that Olivia will be bringing a day to this wedding day — a date who is not Austen Kroll. Then a choir rushed into the cafe singing “Joyful, Joyful” from Sister Act 2. I may possibly have imagined that element, but she certainly has a new day that Shep’s cousin Marcie set her up with, and no one sees any motive to give Austen a heads-up in advance of time.

I’m obsessed with Marcie. Her existence on this display delivers me such joy since she is simply just just some girl. Marcie does not have a glam squad Marcie has a ChapStick subsequent to a 50 percent-finished can of Food plan Coke in her Toyota RAV4 cup holder. Marcie wanders into the frame each individual 7 days with her sun shades on her head for the reason that she happened to be all-around and drove past the cameras. Marcie will FaceTime into the reunion from a Target that has a Starbucks within it. Marcie provides you a beer, wine, or Sprite when you enter her house. Marcie will sneak a cig exterior the area Tough Tray the next she pops that baby out. And finest of all, Marcie has introduced us the finest factor to transpire this year, equally visually and story-wise: Olivia’s blind date, Zach.

Now, ahead of we get to the motion of the marriage day, I will have to acknowledge the editors’ attention-grabbing resourceful conclusion to break the episode into chapters with title playing cards showcasing well known offers about relationship. I ought to accept this, but I will not engage with it for the reason that I do not want my truth reveals to fake to be guides. That is gaslighting.

To the surprise of no one, Patricia did not maintain again. The party options a entire wedding cake with a Peaches and Small Craig cake topper, a vet officiant, Whitney participating in the marriage ceremony march on his electric powered guitar, and finest of all, Austen and Madison as the groomsman and bridesmaid, a build carried out solely so someone will make a joke about the two of them strolling down the aisle collectively just after all. And to make Austen — who has refused to glance Madison in the eye given that she got engaged — squirm.

And if whining about this arrangement weren’t adequate for Austen, in walks Olivia with Zach, which will make him visibly shorter-circuit. I know this is stunning, but try to remember right before when he mentioned he didn’t want to be distinctive and she should really date other people? He was lying. Can you consider?

Craig arrives with Paige, and appropriate away anyone freaks out because she does not have a jacket, and by the appears to be of absolutely everyone, it is sub-zero in Charleston. Naomie normally takes it on herself to shame Craig into providing Paige his jacket, which is an troublesome detail to do. Visualize if anyone butted in and advised Kevin Arnold to give Winnie Cooper his Jets jacket. All the magic, absent — let Craig be chivalrous on his have. And why is nobody apprehensive Craig will be chilly now? But the absolute worst, most unforgivable component about this is Naomie messed up Craig’s outfit. And staying the fashionista we know Craig to be, that was certainly the deepest reduce.

As the ceremony starts, everything is likely completely wrong — the rain starts to arrive down, Peaches bolts from her leash, Venita’s puppy, Charles, leaps down to the object, but all the though Shep is obtaining the time of his life, beaming with joy as he cautiously adjusts Small Craig’s prime hat.

On the flip facet, Austen drowns his sorrows at the reception, where by Madison last but not least confronts him with a dog pun, stating she has a bone to select with him. “What could you possibly puppy on me for?” he retorts. These dog puns are way too superior to be accurate. Is any individual feeding them these lines, or has the ceremony just altered their brain chemistry? While they test to have a struggle about him being an asshat immediately after her engagement, the cast swarms close to them like bugs to a lamp, some listening in, some just resting their toes, some obtaining entirely individual discussions like Patricia producing Craig talk about marrying Paige in front of Naomie. In the long run, it is a “too lots of cooks” instant, and very little goes everywhere.

Austen carries on to cry “Woe is me” about owning to sit on the altar with Madison and the simple fact that Olivia introduced a day, but he absolutely sure benefits up when Paige allows it slip that his Summertime Household fling, Ciara, takes place to be in town. For all those unfamiliar, Ciara is still a further victim of Austen’s douchebaggery, and now he plans on hooking up with her as revenge. He tells Shep he would not if it weren’t for the actuality that Olivia showed up with “lumberjack stylish,” a.k.a. Zach.

The issue is, Zach is not even dressed like a lumberjack. He’s not sporting plaid at all but rather a wonderful sweater and jacket. That is how dumb Austen is, and he experienced all working day to arrive up with this burn up. If you’re likely to just be necessarily mean to somebody for no explanation, at the very least make sure your insults make sense. I simply simply cannot feel that Zach has to set up with this form of tomfoolery, not just from Austen but from his possess day, who calls him by the improper identify in her confessional. This is abhorrent, and Zach warrants improved.

Meanwhile, Craig finds himself caught in his own particular horror motion picture, the place each time Naomie arrives up to make pleasantries, it’s a soar scare. Soon after expending the overall episode seeking above his shoulder for Paige to appear save him from her clutches, Naomie last but not least convinces a incredibly reluctant Craig to have a discussion with her. She wants to get to the bottom of the awkwardness in between them and crystal clear the air, but she would make the slip-up of drawing a comparison among their recent situation and when she was dating Metul and Craig was the odd 1 out. Craig claims this is a wildly bogus equivalency considering that Paige is good and Metul was horrible — which is accurate, but then he storms out, so we really do not get any sort of resolution.

Southern Charm — or Escape at the Kellie Pickler Factory, as I phone it — poses an attention-grabbing sociological problem: What if when people broke up and went their independent strategies, we built them still movie a tv show collectively? So much, the respond to to that problem is you get a poor tv demonstrate.