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Wedding Dresses For Your Zodiac Sign

Wedding Dresses For Your Zodiac Sign

Dresses | June 17, 2022

Wedding Dresses For Your Zodiac Sign

Happy Summer Solstice brides! It is officially the longest and most mystical day of the year and to celebrate, we created a collection of the best wedding dresses for each zodiac sign. From feisty Aries to artistic Aquarius, we consulted the horoscope and have the gown for each star sign’s personality (and budget!).

Make sure to keep reading, and to take our Style Quiz to find the perfect gown for you!

What is a Zodiac Sign?

First of all, what is a zodiac sign? We’re sure you’re used to reading your daily horoscope, but how does it define your personality? While not set in stone, each of the 12 signs are indicative of your strengths, weaknesses, traits, and desires (and your fashion sense)!

Now get to scrolling to find the best zodiac wedding dress for you! Before you do that though, make sure to get a sneak peek of your best horoscope-inspired gown from our TikTok below!:

Aries Wedding Dresses: March 21-April 19

PC: Margan Photography

Your bold Aries aesthetic will be inspired by Zander by Sottero and Midgley. This vintage-inspired A-line leads the pack with romantic lace motifs, an ultra-flattering silhouette, and daring lace sleeves. These striking flourishes appease your spontaneous side, while the sexy bodice details also complement your confident and trendy taste. Bottom line, Zander has a big presence—just like you. (Especially in the black color-way!).

Second, for the Aries bride with a confident side, Frederique by Maggie Sottero makes a jaw-dropping entrance. Not only will it “wow” your guests with allover shimmer (compliments of our glitter tulle), but its sexy sweetheart neckline and fitted silhouette will cause envy among your guests. There’s nothing like an over-the-top wedding gown to embody your passion, confidence, and audacious personality.

Zodiac Sign Wedding Dresses for Taurus: April 20-May 20

A Taurus bride’s mantra is “understated elegance.” They are looking for something sensuous and sophisticated, stately yet feminine; never gaudy or showy. Ivy by Maggie Sottero will influence your decision if this describes you. This Taurus wedding gown is the perfect balance of classic and modern, sophisticated and romantic. From the sultry fit to the classic flowers, it’s the perfect combination of everything that makes up a typical Taurus.

Firmly rooted in nature, Taurus zodiac sign wedding dresses are all about form, flourishes, and effortless embellishment. The floral chiffon on Nerida by Sottero and Midgley combined with the sexy off-the-shoulder neckline and flowy organic skirt is sure to win any Taurus over. It’s reminiscent of gardens and greenery, but still chic and sophisticated in form and tailoring; an ideal balance of lushness and subtlety.

Gemini Wedding Dresses for Zodiac Signs: May 21-June 20

Hey there, Gemini brides. You may be feeling indecisive about your ideal horoscope wedding dress right now, but don’t panic. Give yourself time to research options, consult your friends and family, and feel out your intuition. You’re destined for an exceptional and transformative design.

PC: Heirlume Photography | PC: Chelsea White Photography

Our first wedding dress for Gemini brides is Tuscany Royale by Maggie Sottero. This wedding dress is an exquisitely detailed fairytale fit-and-flare with shimmery lace and sexy bodice details. Since Geminis are naturally expressive, they’re often attracted to chic and distinctive clothing details. The shimmer, color, unique texture are only a few examples. This dreamy lacy style lets you step into that spotlight and play up your bright and creative personality.

Next in zodiac wedding dresses for Gemini brides is Cruz by Sottero and Midgley. This vintage-inspired mermaid gown calls to the transformative and expressive side of Gemini brides with its 3D floral motifs and detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves. It’s a little regal, a little boho, and 100% romantic. You’ll feel like everything a Gemini is meant to feel: dynamic, vibrant, and playful from head to toe.

Cancer Wedding Zodiac Signs Dresses June 21-July 22

PC: Kate Nolan

A Cancer’s character can be a bit elusive, ranging from introverted and intuitive to wise and energetic. Ruled by the moon and ocean, a Cancer is prone to moody and mysterious influences. They tend to cozy away in comfortable, nest-like havens and retreat to their private spaces to read, write, and create, as they are always the homemaker.

Look to elegant and comfortable styles like Joanne by Rebecca Ingram to channel this Cancer energy in your wedding-dress shopping. This dreamy A-line wedding dress with bishop sleeves features a deep V-neckline and unique texture and vintage-inspired bishop sleeves. It’s a lovely, ultra-romantic design that’s sure to complement a Cancer bride’s tranquil yet imaginative sensibilities.

You may be attracted to a more classic and zodiac sign wedding dress like Foster by Maggie Sottero if your Cancer personality is a bit more traditional. This lovely fit-and-flare silhouette appeals to both the timelessness and intrigue of a Cancer aesthetic with a vintage-inspired buttons and a detachable train to spare.

Leo Wedding Zodiac Signs Dresses: July 23-August 22

Look out, it’s Leo season! If you embody the bossy and daring side of this strong-willed earth sign, we have two stunning wedding dresses for your consideration. First, Holden by Sottero and Midgley is sexy, chic, and unabashedly romantic—a perfect match for your Leo heart and soul.

Silver-screen charisma combines with modern romance in Verina by Sottero and Midgley. This luxurious ballgown style complements your Leo charm, energy, and warmhearted nature for your best day ever. These wedding dresses will help you channel the fierceness of your inner lioness.

Virgo Wedding Dresses: August 23-September 22

To appease the aristocratic and refined aesthetic of a Virgo, give attention to your flourishes and details. A Virgo bride loves anything with exquisite construction. This could mean a tailored bodice or a romantic train. After all, you’re the archetype of femininity; your wedding gown is sure to be a portrait of grace and sophistication. 

Two zodiac wedding dresses for Virgo brides we adore? Ellington by Maggie Sottero and Marisol by Rebecca Ingram. Both are artfully designed with beautiful bodices, unique lace, and romantic sweetheart neckline. Perfect for the inner flower child zodiac sign!

Libra Zodiac Sign: September 23-October 22

Looking to channel the sweet harmonious aesthetic of Libra season? Boston by Sottero and Midgley is the epitome oft femininity and harmony with its ultra-feminine, emotionally intelligent bridal persona. This Libra pick shows off your figure, plays up your favorite assets, and complements your charming personality.

PC: Autumn Agrella

To highlight the soft and sentimental side of Libra brides is Minerva by Rebecca Ingram. This style features 3D floral motifs and a fairytale silhouette. There’s nothing like this regal silhouette for a high-style celebration inspired by your romantic personality. 

Scorpio Wedding Dresses October 23-November 21

Sultry, passionate, and mysterious by nature, Norvinia by Sottero and Midgley is a gorgeous choice for this late-fall earth sign. This sparkly lace ballgown is a classic silhouette with a few nods to sexy: a daring neckline, delicate floral motifs, and modern black colorway option.

To compliment your intuitive and magnetic side is Dinah by Rebecca Ingram. This simple and elegant fit-and-flare wedding dress features a couture silhouette and is equal parts chic and romantic – an ode to your calm, cool, and mysterious side, but with just enough flourish to keep you fearless and energized.

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Sagittarius Wedding Dresses November 22-December 21

Curious, energetic, and free-spirited, a Sagittarius bride is all about a playful, lighthearted, and effortlessly boho wedding design. First, Amanda by Rebecca Ingram appeals to that sweet and subtle aesthetic—from its delicate floral motifs to daring strappy low back.

PC: Sara Gardner Photography

For a Sagittarius vibe with a bit more drama, consider Stevie by Maggie Sottero. This silhouette has that effortless glow to match your fire-sign energy and optimism, with just enough floral and flourish to appease your adventurous side.

Capricorn Wedding Dresses: December 22-January 19

PC: Robby and Savannah

If you’re a Capricorn bride, it’s likely you’re searching for a wedding dress based on horoscope sign with a streamlined strategy and a no-frills mindset. You’re drawn to clean, contemporary silhouettes and timeless embellishments. Those perennially “fresh” trends that manage to feel new and classic at the same time.

Our picks for your bridalwear? First is Ekaterina by Maggie Sottero, a striking satin A-line that commands any venue, season, or aesthetic.

Second sexy but structured Mallory Dawn by Maggie Sottero—the embodiment of your stately Capricorn vibe, but perfect for indulging in those statement bridal details.

Aquarius Wedding Dresses: January 20-February 18

PC: Ronnal Pasquel

The Aquarius trendsetter finds inspiration with the free-spirited, adventurous vibe of Hattie by Rebecca Ingram. This cascade of lace and tulle is sure to appeal to your forward-thinking sensibilities and easy bridal aesthetic—almost like you yourself invented the silhouette and embellishments! Additionally, we know you don’t like to be held down, so if Hattie doesn’t appeal to you, look at one of its many Sister Styles!

Next, a second option of a covetable wedding dress for Aquarius brides is Kingsley by Sottero and Midgley.

You don’t get stuck on fussy traditions or stuffy rules for your wedding. This luxe bridal gown is the perfect complement to your laidback and confident personality. Channeling that chic and romantic Aquarius vibe? Piece of cake.

Pisces Wedding Dresses: February 19-March 20

Pisces brides are the dreamiest and most ethereal of wedding personas. Their ideal gowns are nothing short of divine. Channel your goddess-like style with a vintage-inspired lace, a unique keyhole back, and soft layers á la Marlow by Sottero and Midgley. It’s theatricality and imagination in its most bridal-chic of forms.

If your astrological chart calls for a Pisces fairytale, look to Florie by Rebecca Ingram. She offers more shimmer, layers, and dreamy sparkle. We’re smitten with this bodice and skirt treatment (and the cutest puff sleeves). It’s perfect for the dreamy and fantastical nature of a Pisces personality.

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Now that we’ve narrowed down your Zodiac sign wedding dresses, head to our Social’s for more wedding inspo!

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